In the Spotlight this month we are featuring what we think is a very unique and innovative idea.
The following is taken from their website and explains what Skiggle is all about:-
Skiggle is a self-funded, non-profit on-line community that was launched 17.08.16 by Christine Singleton: a mother whose young son, with Cerebral Palsy is the inspiration behind the idea.
Skiggle’s aim is to help people, of all ages, who are involved with disabilities either in a personal or professional capacity. Our primary goal is to create a mutual support network for users to provide each other with practical help.
They achieve this through the creation of a cloud-based SOS solution system for care-based essentials where our members can request immediate assistance in unforeseen circumstances. Many of the individuals who come into contact with disabilities have a significant store of what can be described as consumables (such as feeding accessories, specialised food, breathing apparatus and continence products) AND have also been in a situation where a vital consumable is missing. The idea is to create a network of individuals willing to help others by providing missing consumables, free of charge, from their own (surplus) stock, in times of need. It is an unfortunate reality that the NHS can’t always provide support, especially when it is needed unexpectedly. We aim to encourage parents, carers and individuals who exist within the world of disability to support one another when professional services cannot, and address the issue of being left without something essential.


We asked Christine, the founder of Skiggle to tell us a little bit more about herself:-

“I have been asked can I tell you a little bit about myself and my family and why I started 😊

I have been married to my lovely husband for 22 years: he is the father to our 3 children. We have our boy 14, and two beautiful girls 13 & 10. We have 2 cats and a dog and a brilliant care team who we would be lost without 😊

I ran my own business for 21 years which was a boarding kennels, cattery and dog groomers. I continued my business – for many years – with lots of help when our children where born.

Our boy was born with a significant brain injury HIE, leaving him with spastic quadriplegia, global developmental impairment, pseudomonas, scoliosis, chronic lung disease, renal impairment and gastro-oesophageal reflux. He has had a gastro dissociation, multiple portacath’s, peg, gastrostomy and a tracheostomy. On top of this, he has just had a gj tube fitted due to severe weight loss, he’s registered blind and is hard of hearing. His PICU admissions have been regular and varied, with anything from chest infections to sepsis. He has had a shed load of operations – more than I’d really care to count – for various things, which are always so stressful.

When I think about all of this, I have to take a step back and think how incredibly lucky we are as a family to have him in our lives, he is the most amazing young man. Our girls have grown into incredible young understanding individuals who we are proud to say are our girls. They are not afraid of strangers comments or stares and will stand by their brother with pride 😍

Starting has been a huge learning journey for me, but with the support at home from my family, Skiggle will be great and something my girls can be proud of.
Sorry to bore you, I hope it helps you understand where my passion comes from. I am a mum of a boy with complex disabilities: Skiggle is not a business: I’m not trying to sell anything or make money: I want to help parents / carers like me
Christine xx “

If you would like to know more about Skiggle then please visit their website and read the full story and how you can get involved

Please share this with others so that we can help spread the word…

skiggle banner





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