Grandmother Sharon’s blog about her Grandson….

Logan was diagnosed with Autism aged 2 and half like his sister Bella. But as he was nothing like Bella we were a little surprised. He had been on the watch list because of his sister being severely autistic but if he hadn’t have been we wouldn’t have thought he would be diagnosed. He communicated, had great eye contact, hit his milestones with ease. How could he have Autism? Our experience of it so far had been so far removed from Logan that it was difficult to fathom. If it hadn’t have been for Bella we probably would have put his “quirks” down to just that… quirky.

However, when he was so little there was no reason to think him different from all the other children in nursery. But, as time went on and his social skills were put to the test we started to realise that he did in fact need support. We recognised early on that he had some almost compulsions. He wore a hat constantly until he was about 4. He always had the same shoes from the same shop and didn’t much like change.


We were so lucky with both his and Bella’s nursery provision. They were excellent and knew that the transition to infant school would be a big deal and so transitioned him every day for months to make sure it was smooth.

Because his Autism is slight, he doesn’t have an EHCP which of course means he doesn’t get any support in school. But he doesn’t need it. What he needs is for us and school to recognise that any change will cause him anxiety. Once this is instilled in everyone who he comes into contact with, life is good. Logan is just like any typical 5 year old now. He is funny and boisterous and loves all the “boy stuff.” But being big for his age can sometimes make people forget he is only 5 and expect more from him. Add to this the anxiety that he feels in new places or with new people and he can appear sullen or withdrawn. But we as a family make sure that he is prepped before new things happen and make sure that everyone knows. How this will manifest when he is older is yet to be known but for now, Logan is ace.

click here to read about Logan’s Sister BELLA

© 2017 All rights to this story including photos belong to the Author Sharon Needham published via SNUG (Special Needs United Grandparents). 



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