If you are the Grandparent of a child who has special needs/disability then you will no doubt have felt at least one of the above at some point.

It can be hard discussing this with the parents of your Grandchild, you may feel that they already have enough on their plate.

Your friends may not always understand your concerns, especially at a time when all focus is on the parents.

As a Grandparent of a child with special needs myself I knew first hand the difficulties that can arise and I decided to form a support group.  SNUG (Special Needs United Grandparents) was formed to allow other Grandparents in similar positions to be able to raise their concerns with others who understand, offer help and support and share information.  We also share the good times too!

There are various ways you can join in and connect with other Grandparents:

If you are a Grandparent of a SN child and you are on FACEBOOK then we have a closed Facebook Group which allows Grandparents worldwide to connect with one another.  To join click this link to be taken to our page SNUG FACEBOOK GROUP  or alternatively

search for SNUG (Special Needs United Grandparents) on Facebook – enter the full name including words in brackets.

As this is a closed group you will need to submit a join request to enable us to add you to the group, you are also required to answer a couple of simple security questions before submitting.  These questions are there to protect our group from scammers etc and the information you provide can only be seen by admin and is not shared.  Once the answers to the questions have been received we will be able to add you to the group.  Please note that our Facebook group is only for Grandparents of children with additional needs.

Alternatively you can follow this website and be kept informed of current topics and interesting articles as soon as they are added, or you can like and follow our recent Community Page Grandparents Care Too

If you live in the borough of Staffordshire (UK) and can get to Stafford town centre, we have regular meetings/workshops during term time.  Members can get to know others in similar situations, offer each other support and share information.  More details on can be found on the website menu just click on STAFFORD UK GROUP

Although we are a Grandparents support group this website is available to all who have an interest in SEN.  Please take a look at some of the other topics that we have. If you would like to share a blog or advertise your own group then you can email us at and we can look at featuring this for you.  Alternatively you are welcome to post on our Community Page.

Anne – Group Organiser

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